Rinnova Paragon Volume Snapshot for Mac® OS X


The only snapshot based backup solution for comprehensive protection of both data & systems!

Easily create an exact point-in-time copy of your data & system, and when a disaster strikes – get everything back in minutes. Unlike Time Machine and other file-level backup utilities, our solution has very fast backup and restore capabilities. Now you can backup running applications and locked system files, and if your system fails – there is no need re-install, just boot from the Mac® OS X Install DVD and launch the restore operation. This is a huge time saver compared to other methods.

True live protection

Traditional backup involving file archiving has a number of drawbacks, like:

  • Running applications usually require exclusive rights for processed files, thus preventing a backup program from copying them.
  • During a volume backup to ensure accessibility of files and the data integrity, a program requires suspension and/or termination of all running applications. For high-capacity disk systems, this could take hours.

Snapshot-based backup easily solves these problems. It’s a common industry term denoting the ability to record a state of a storage device at any given moment (make a snapshot), and then preserve that snapshot as a guide for restoring the storage device in case of emergency.


Capability to Backup an Open File

Most current backup solutions for Mac use a file-level backup method, which is the simplest and the most common way to protect data files. But when you are running applications at the time you make a backup, there is a good chance that when saving open files, the saved copy won’t match its true on-disk contents (i.e. the saved copy may not correctly represent the actual state of the file). This is especially true for database files. The term “fuzzy backup” has been used to describe a backup of live data that looks correct, but doesn’t represent the state of the data at any single point-in-time. This is because the data being backed up tends to change from the moment of launching the backup process until its completion. Thus, for databases in particular, fuzzy backups are worthless and snapshot backups are the preferred choice when you want to guarantee the integrity of the data.


Fastest Recovery

In case of a system malfunction (it fails to boot), you should re-install the system first. To do that, you need to boot from a distributive CD and install the system (~40 minutes). After that, you need to set up Time Machine and roll back to the required state of the system. This process is time-consuming as it involves re-installation of the operating system.

With Paragon Snapshot for Mac you don’t need to re-install the system, just boot from a Mac OS X Installation DVD and restore via Disk Utility. Moreover, data retrieval from snapshot is accomplished through private interfaces, which is faster, than processing files on a file system level. Reduce the number of steps it takes to restore your system with Snapshot for Mac®.

More features:

Paragon Snapshot for Mac® OS X also includes:

  • Restore at a granular level. Since we do backups as DMG disk images, which are standard for Mac OS X, you can mount these images and recover data selectively without the need to restore an entire image.
  • Wide backup destination support, including local volumes, external storages, and network shares.
  • ssctl utility to manage snapshots for the command line.
  • Simple and easy interface. Our program operates exactly as any Mac OS X native application

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