Rinnova Paragon Hard Disk Manager 11 Server – Virtualization Add-on

Paragon Virtualization Add-on is an optional extra-paid package for Hard Disk Manager 11 Server that extends functionality of the product by providing the option for seamless migration and data management between physical and virtual Windows servers and workstations. The package adds the following new functions to the product:

  • P2V Copy to migrate a Windows physical system to a virtual environment by converting all installed software and data into a ready-to-go virtual machine. By providing support for synchronous migration from several hard disks, we ensure data consistency during online migration of a system, which seats on several partitions or hard disks.
  • P2V Restore to restore a Windows physical system from a backup directly to a ready-to-go virtual machine of one of the supported virtualization software vendors.
  • P2V Adjust OS to restore functionality of a virtual environment after unsuccessful virtualization with 3-rd party tools; to prepare virtual machines out of supported virtual disks or Windows .vhd backup images.
  • Connect VD to connect a virtual disk as if it’s an ordinary physical disk, thus opening up all functionality available for physical disks to virtual.
  • Create VD to create an empty virtual disk or with specific data of one of the supported virtualization software vendors.
  • VD in Volume Explorer to browse contents or retrieve data from connected virtual disks.
  • WinPE 3.0 image that includes all functions of HDM 11 Server + Virtualization Add-on to perform migration or data management operations without the software installation.


Supported Virtual Machines


  • Microsoft Virtual PC
  • Microsoft Virtual Server
  • Microsoft Hyper-V R1/R2
  • VMware Workstation
  • VMware Fusion
  • VMware ESX Server
  • Oracle VirtualBox 3.0-3.12


Additionally for Connect VD and P2V Adjust OS only

  • MS Windows backups (.vhd images)


Additionally for Connect VD only

  • Parallels Workstation
  • XenServer (.vhd only)


Use Cases*

It is not possible to use Virtualization Add-on separately or with any other Paragon’s product, but Hard Disk Manager 11 Server.

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