Rinnova eScan AntiVirus for Linux Desktop


The Next Generation Anti-Virus Scanning Software for Linux Systems

eScan Anti-Virus for Linux Desktops (eScan) is a reliable virus scanning software for machines running on Linux, which protects your machines from virus and other threats, thus offering you a complete and secure Anti-Virus security solution.

With the increased popularity of Linux as an alternate operating system for desktops, attacks on Linux based machines has increased. About 90% of the viruses today enter the organizations via Internet and through emails. The only solution is to provide content security or, in a broader sense, on-demand software application that can be launched as and when required. eScan Anti-Virus for Linux desktops answers all the needs.

Faster On-Demand Scanner: eScan’s new Faster On-Demand Scanner leads to faster scans and is also very light on system resources. It facilitates selected Directory Scan, Local hard disk and Home Directory scanning. It also facilitates Memory Scan. It consists of Command Line and Graphical User Interface (GUI) Scanner.
Scheduled Scanning: eScan for Linux Desktop facilitates to organize the schedule to check specific directory or local hard disk. It also provides an option for the scanning on the basis like once / hourly / Daily / Weekly / Monthly. It has separate settings for scheduled scanning.
Heuristic Scanning – eScan’s sophisticated heuristic scan engine can detect around over 1,20,000 viruses, that are being continuously released and protects the user from zero day threats.
Virtual Scanning: The application can scan virtually all types of files including zipped and archived files, hence providing the better protection.
Multiple Preset Actions for Detected Virus: When viruses are detected you can run preset actions like disinfect, delete the infected file, rename it, prompt for users action, etc.
Detects Hidden Virus: eScan reads inside the data stream of a file to detect hidden viruses.
Automatic Updates: eScan has the facility of automatically downloading updates as per a schedule you can set. This protects your computer from the latest security threats.

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